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Rehabilitation of upper and lower extremity after: surgery, dislocations, tendons and ligaments injuries
Treatment of disk hernia
Treatment of osteochondrosis
Scoliosis treatment
BTL- 21 Apparatus for microwave therapy
Low back pain treatment with Backlife
INTELECT ADVANCED COLOR modern physiotherapeutic apparatus.
Ankylosing spondyloarthritis
Ultrasound therapy
Quantum therapy
Vibratory extension
Microwave therapy
Physical exercises
Ultrasonic inverstigation
Joint exercises


- if you have back pain;
- if you have radiculitis (nerve root
- if your child has scoliosis or its
   initial syndrome;
- if you have freaquent headache;
- if you had spine operation;
- if you have intervertebral disc
- if you had spine operation.

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Welcome to Us!

The number of people who suffer from diseases of the bones and joints increased in recent decade. We almost get used to have headache, back pain, spine and joint stiffnes. Unfortunately, while we all familiar with these problems, we tend to neglect these conditions at early stage. But then, these early spinal deformities can lead to internal organs dysfunctions, early accelerated ostheochondrosis. Our center has everything you need to address your problems. We have very experienced rheumatologist, internal medicine doctor, neurologist, specialist in acupuncture and reflexotherapy. They have their education in Ukraine as well as in the USA and England. There are 6 skilled physical therapists in the clinic. They perform up to 80 different procedures per day. We utilize yoga, callanetics and fitness elements together to relieve stress and tone your muscle


Special exercises for herniated disc problem