The Oswestry Questionnaire is used for chronic and recurring back pain. It is filled in by the patient and makes it possible to evaluate in points the effect of pain on self-care, sleep, social life, walking, movement in space, the ability to lift weights, stand and sit for a long time. The questionnaire is presented in 10 sections, 6 items each. The patient is invited to note in each section only one item that most accurately reflects his condition at the time of the examination. The doctor, depending on the serial number of the section (1,2,3,4,5,6), puts down points (0,1,2,3,4,5). Response Index (ODI) is equal to the total score of 10 answers, a smart 2:

ODI = (_____) x 2 = ____ %.

The maximum number of points is reached 50, and the maximum is 100.

1 - Pain intensity
2 - Self-service (washing, dressing, etc.)
3 — Weight lifting
4 — Walking
5 — Sitting position
6 — Standing position
7 — Sleep
8 — Sex life
9 — Public life
10 — Moving