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Providing quality medical care to patients:

  • with neurological diseases
  • with rheumatic diseases
  • with vascular diseases
  • with diseases of the internal organs

Treatment of the musculoskeletal system:

  • intervertebral hernias
  • arthrosis

Rehabilitation of patients:

  • after neurosurgical operations
  • after operations on the joints
  • development of limbs after injuries and fractures
  • after removal of intervertebral hernias
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Individual approach to treatment

Individual approach to treatment

The procedures are prescribed by a doctor using modern physiotherapy equipment according to an individual program, taking into account all the features of your body and the course of the disease

Methods of treatment

We work in 20 different directions. Our patient can obtain detailed information on MRI and CT scan, PET CT scan, MPA, in different directions of treatment.

Pilyuko Vyacheslav Vitalievich

was able to combine the achievements of innovative medical technologies with alternative medicine methods into a single perfect physiotherapeutic complex for the prevention, non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation of patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system: treatment of osteochondrosis, treatment of osteoarthritis, treatment of scoliosis, treatment of arthritis and treatment of arthrosis and joint diseases of various etiologies ( rheumatoid, gouty, traumatic genesis)

Pyluiko Vyacheslav MD
Pyluiko Vyacheslav MD
chief physician "Health Practice", doctor of reflexology of the highest category.
Kononenko Tamara MD
Kononenko Tamara MD
rheumatologist, ultrasound doctor, physician.
Tsits Galina Dmitrovna
Tsits Galina Dmitrovna
top-level neurologist, high-category reflexologist

Benefits of treatment

Modern equipment


A powerful collection of modern physiotherapy devices available all in one spot

Qualified assistance


Our medical personell provides highest quality services from day one

New methods


Unique physiotherapy methods and combinations of treatments with the methods like reflexolotherapy, CE and therapeutic gymnastics

Convenient placement


The location of the diagnostic department, the department of physiotherapy procedures, the gym room in one building - great convenience for our patients

Useful information

The number of people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system is increasing. Complaints such as back pain, frequent headaches, painful limitation of the natural mobility of limb joints have become commonplace for us. We do not pay enough attention to the formation of proper posture in our children. Meanwhile, there are strong relationships between our inner selves. And at an advanced age with the development of the disease there are complications of osteochondrosis in the form of intervertebral hernias.

Therapeutic exercises for intervertebral hernias

Therapeutic gymnastics for intervertebral hernia patients

Gymnastics for joint diseases

Gymnastics for joint diseases patients

On the treatment of
intervertebral hernia

Conservative treatment of intervertebral hernias (treatment without surgery) is the main direction of 'Medpraktika Zdorovye'. What are the main steps in treating an intervertebral hernia? The first step is consulting a neurologist for differentiation, choosing a method of neuroimaging, determining the type of course and severity of radicullopathy. After the neurological examination detailed treatment plan is made and it becomes evident that the main task of the treatment at this stage is the rapid removal of inflammation, pain, swelling, muscle tension, restoration of sensory and motor disorders. The second stage is the affecting the disc itself, on the intervertebral hernia and surrounding tissues. As an integral part of the inflammatory process is venous congestion, perifocal lymphostasis, local tissue respiration, hypoxia and acidosis, there is a need to apply local exposure. This is the basis for the use of physiotherapy treatment: physiotherapy and reflexotherapy. Our team, led by Piluiko Vyacheslav MD has 20 years of successful experience in the use of physiotherapy and reflexolotherapy techniques. "Medpraktika Zdorovye" presents a powerful arsenal of modern physiotherapy, skillful and proven application of which allows the influence all links of the inflammatory process, helps achieving positive treatment result and avoid neurosurgical intervention. There are clear indications and contraindications to the use of physiotherapy, which are purely individual in nature. Detailed information is presented in the section "Acupuncture and reflexology in neurology" The third stage-therapeutic gymnastics, post-isometric relaxation, training of correct motor stereotypes. Training exercise are chosen individually. Many years of extensive experience in the practical application of therapeutic gymnastics in the treatment of intervertebral hernias patented by Piluiko Vyacheslav MD led to the Author's Certificate No. 28437 Ukraine "Medical gymnastics for patients with intervertebral hernias" 16.04.2009. At the end of treatment, patients receive recommendations, a follow-up plan and a CD. If you have any questions, please visit consult section

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