Ultrasound of joints and soft tissues

This is a modern method for the study of joints using ultrasonic waves, which allows to assess the nature of the pathology of the joints and tissues surrounding the joints and evaluate their function, as well as the basis for the delivery of correct diagnosis and nature of trauma, allows to monitor the result of treatment in dynamics. The cost of ultrasound is ten times lower than the cost of radiation examinations (CT, MRI).

What joints are examined by ultrasound:



Ankle and foot;




Shallow wrist and foot joints.

Soft tissue research: subcutaneous tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons, synovial bags, joint capsule.


It is essential to examine the symmetrical joints, to compare structures on both sides, and to diagnose possible changes in the symmetrical joint that is not yet of concern.

Advantages of ultrasound:

- clearly visible: ligaments, tendon bags, synovial membrane growth, joint capsule, meniscus, joint swelling, etc .; they are not visible on the x-ray;

- the amount and quality of ultrasound information comparable to that obtained with CT and MRI examination, but ten times cheaper and safer;

- the number of ultrasound examinations for a certain period of time is unlimited;

- does not require special training; human weight, the presence of metal in the body do not matter and do not affect the quality of the study;

- research joints in motion, which gives more information about pathology in the joint and its function;

is an ideal method for assessing the quality of treatment.


The rheumatologist independently conducts the ultrasound examination

The doctor forms his opinion on the basis of ultrasound, clinical and laboratory features.

This comprehensive approach ensures that accurate diagnosis is made in the shortest possible time.

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