Treatment of nervous system diseases by reflexotherapy methods

I am Galina Dmitrievna Tsyts - doctor, a neurologist of the highest category, reflexologist of the highest category "Medical practice". Work experience in the clinic for more than 15 years.

According to numerous requests, remarks, wishes of our patients and those who first visited the pages of our site, but have already managed to write or call our Medpraktika Zdorovye, I will try to provide as accessible as possible, but more informative, information on the possibilities of treating diseases of the nervous system with methods Acupuncture and reflexology in our clinic.

So, we divide the diseases of the nervous system into 2 large groups:

Diseases of the nervous system

  •     Vascular Cephalgia, Paroxysmal Hemicrania, Tension Headache
  •     Vegetative dystonia
  •     Dizziness
  •     Vertebro-basilar insufficiency 1-2 st
  •     Trigeminal neuropathy
  •     Facial neuropathy - early recovery period
  •     Neuropathies of the upper or lower extremities
  •     Polyneuropathy 1-2 st
  •     Compression Ischemic Neuropathy
  •     Myofascial pain syndrome
  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Intercostal neuralgia

Neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis:

  •     Cervicalgia, cervicobrachialgia - pain in the neck and arm
  •     Thoracalgia - chest pain
  •     Vertebrogenic Cardialgia
  •     Lumbalgia and lumbar ischialgia - pain in the lower back and leg
  •     Vertebrogenic-discogenic radiculopathy of the cervical or lumbosacral
  •     Coccygodynia
  •     Neurodystrophic periarticular syndrome: humeroscapular, periarthrosis, coxarthrosis, neuroosteofibrosis of the sacroiliac joints

Rehabilitation  after injuries of the nerve roots or plexuses of the upper or lower extremities, infectious diseases, correction of impaired gait due to increased muscle tone after strokes, with parkinsonism, with demyelinating diseases

Reflexology and acupuncture in neurology


  медична реабілітація  вегетосудинна дистонія фото 1 вегетосудинна дистонія фото 2

  Рефлексотерапія і акупунктура в неврології

It is considered universally recognized and long proven that acupuncture and reflexotherapy during the session stimulates the production of endogenous opioids: endorphins and enkephalins, as well as biologically active substances in the body, an increase in the concentration of which causes a state of reflex pain relief! Locally at the level of the neuron, enkephalins act on the K-Na pump, reducing the penetration of sodium ions into the cell. The central neuronal mechanisms of reflex anesthesia act through the posterior horns of the spinal cord, the spinal cord ganglia, where there is a “blocking” of pain impulse from the problem organ.


* Acupuncture recipes, the number of sessions is determined by the attending physician.

Reflexology is a general concept and includes:

Acupuncture with heating with wormwood cigars or moxas is a method for the prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of diseases of the nervous system by influencing the human body through acupuncture points (TA) and reflexogenic zones (RE).




Auriculotherapy (acupuncture TA of the auricle)

The complexity and originality of the sensitive innervation of the auricle is simply amazing, because the anatomical and physiological auricle contacts the trigeminal nerve system, the segments of the spinal cord, the reticular formation, the thalamus, hypothalamus, and limbic system. This feature makes auriculotherapy an indispensable and effective method for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as for the regulation of functional disorders in the work of internal organs and systems. In addition to medicinal value, acupuncture points of the auricle are of diagnostic value. The auricle is a kind of projection of the organs and systems of the human body, where the corresponding acupuncture points responsible for a particular organ are located in certain areas. Normally, these points are painless, the skin above them is smooth, brilliant, ordinary color. In acute disease, the point is painful, hyperemic. In a chronic process, the point does not respond to irritation, the skin above it is pale, peeling.


Pharmacopuncture (input of pharmacological agents into TA)

Laser therapy, laser puncture and quantum therapy (effect of infrared laser radiation on TA).

The use of laser therapy in neurological patients is relevant at all stages of the inflammatory process in connection with the well-known analgesic, desensitizing decongestant effect. The variant of laser radiation and the power of the flow are assigned individually, as well as the influence zone, respectively.



 Quantum therapy  allows the use of laser radiation locally with the aim of deeper penetration into the tissues to enhance the local analgesic and decongestant effect.

Zonal electrotherapy in the mode of muscle relaxation is especially relevant if the patient has a muscular-tonic syndrome, a severe painful muscle spasm. Parameters, exposure and number of sessions are determined by a neurologist, reflexologist taking into account the neurological status of each individual patient.


Electropuncture - this technique is relevant for radicular pain in the extremities, using TA along the "problem root".

Microwave resonance therapy  - a method of local therapy with millimeter-wave microwaves has a mild decongestant, analgesic effect.

Magnetotherapy - the  influence of a magnetic field on reflexogenic zones has a mild analgesic, decongestant and muscle relaxant effect due to the structuring of elements in the tissue, activation of the ion pump of the cell, which is especially important in conditions of edema and muscle tension.

Ultrasonic phonophoresis  with drugs for reflexogenic zones


Massage is important. In the clinic we use acupressure and relaxing massage of the scalp, face and cervical collar zone.


Soft massage technique of the upper and lower extremities, acupressure of the feet, post-isometric relaxation.

The therapeutic results obtained with acupuncture and reflexology of various diseases, in addition to relieving the symptoms of the underlying disease, have a number of nonspecific effects, manifesting regardless of the zone of violation.


  •     harmonization of the central nervous system and emotional state
  •     stabilization of the peripheral nervous system
  •     normalization of the autonomic nervous system
  •     health activation
  •     strengthening adaptation processes
  •     normalization of the endocrine, immune system
  •     stimulation of regenerative and trophic tissue mechanisms and cellular defense
  •     lack of adverse reaction, negative effects, withdrawal syndrome, addiction.

If you have any questions or a desire to undergo treatment with acupuncture and reflexology methods in our  "Medical Practice"  -  contact us.  Both I and our team will try to make every effort to achieve a positive result in the treatment of each patient.

I sincerely wish all visitors to the site "Medpraktika Zdorovye" health and good luck!


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