Limb rehabilitation after injuries, surgeries and damage to the ligaments

Rehab begins 5 weeks after surgery or injury. The main purpose of rehabilitation is the restoration of the function of the joint or limb, the fight against muscle atrophy, contractures formed as a result of immobilization.

Rehabilitation programs include physiotherapy procedures, massage and therapeutic exercises (active and passive).

From physiotherapy measures we use:


the method is widely known in the world, the main purpose of its use is to increase blood flow and exchange processes in the affected area. It is part of the overall rehabilitation program.


combination of electric currents of different frequency. There are more than 50 rehabilitation protocols. The choice of the protocol is made by the doctor according to the condition, volume of movements and the rehabilitation period. The electromyostimulation function is added to the electrotherapy function and is included in standard rehabilitation protocols. The action is aimed at reducing swelling, relaxing muscles, strengthening muscle strength in the affected limb. Conducted in combination with diathermy or as a stand-alone procedure, depending on the doctor's appointment.

Laser scanning

an infrared laser is used, which is characterized by high energy density and has high regenerative properties when exposed to the affected tissues, activates humoral and cellular immunity, significantly reduces tissue swelling, and also has analgesic properties that significantly potentiate the action of drugs. Typically combined with electrotherapy or diathermy. In some cases, a combination of all methods is prescribed.


is an integral part of the rehabilitation process at the Medical Practice Clinic. It is performed after complete healing of the postoperative wound. It is used both before conducting medical gymnastics and as an independent procedure. There are three types of hardware massages and manual massages. The type of massage or its combination is determined by the doctor.

Therapeutic physical training

the degree of loading differs depending on the rehabilitation period. The longer the time has elapsed from surgery or trauma, the greater the load on the affected limb the patient receives. The degree of loading also depends on the intensity of pain, swelling, the degree of contracture, the degree of muscle atrophy, etc. The general state of the organism is also taken into account. The duration and intensity of exertion during the rehabilitation process may vary depending on how the patient endures. Medical gymnastics classes are individual, conducted by experienced specialists under constant medical supervision.

It is important that the rehabilitation program at the Medical Practice Center is comprehensive. This means that many levers of impact on the damaged area are involved in the rehabilitation process. These are modern physiotherapy devices with individual regimens for each patient, both monotherapy and in combination with each other. It is an important combination with massage and therapeutic gymnastics, which are integral factors in the rehabilitation process, especially when it comes to restoring joint or limb function.

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