Exercises of treatment gymnastics in interderbinal hernia


The complex of exercises of therapeutic gymnastics in the "Health Clinic" is based on the use of Yoga, callanetics, and Pilates techniques.

Yoga is one of the oldest teachings, based on a combination of spiritual and physical practices that allow you to relax the body, control your emotions and the body as a whole. Yoga classes provide the balance of all physiological processes in the body. A person who regularly adheres to this teaching feels a surge of strength, health, is able to protect himself from stress and nervous exhaustion, increase immunity and even improve memory.

The specialists of the Health Clinic compose an individual program of exercises-postures-Asanas for each patient, which are not just gymnastic exercises, but racks - scientifically modeled body positions. Exercise-positions-Asanas improve energy balance, reorganize and restore the neuromuscular system of the body, leading to physiological harmony. And physiological, psychological harmony and the absence of pain - this is our health! Banish the pain without medicine! Replace medications with yoga, massage and other means that will help preserve health, youth and the joy of life. “Out of joy, all creatures have come, live in joy and return to joy” - ancient Indian wisdom.
      In the "Medical practice of health" in a specially equipped room, they will help you master the technique of performing yoga, callanetics and Pilates exercises, as well as individually select a set of exercises using all of the above methods.

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