Scoliosis: treatment and prevention

 Pathological distortion of the spine can significantly change a person's life, from complexity and self-doubt to disruption of the internal organs, violation of the regulation of their work by the autonomic nervous system and hormonal disorders. There are many options for the treatment of scoliosis, consider the advanced methods used in our clinic "Health Practice", Khmelnitsky, ul. Kam ' yanetska 63 and is widely used in Europe.

Normally, the spine has four bends of the cervical and lumbar curved forward (lordosis), thoracic and sacral curved back (kyphosis). Their purpose is to withstand static and dynamic loads. They were formed as a result of evolution. Normally, the curves are 20-40 degrees. Significant deviations from the norm are considered pathological, and minor functional. Functional deviations also require timely correction.

   Scoliosis is a lateral deformation of the spine in which the spine is subjected to curl around the vertical axis. More often there are scoliosis of the thoracic and lumbar divisions. Scoliosis occurs during the period of intensive growth, it is mostly the period up to 18 years, rarely up to 25 years. The progress of scoliosis is facilitated by improper conditions of education and life of the child.



  In adults, scoliosis occurs as a result of diseases such as osteoporosis, trauma, tuberculosis, disc herniation.

  There are 4 degrees of scoliosis:

  •   degree has an angle of curvature of up to 10 degrees
  •   degree of curvature angle 10-25 degrees

The first two degrees are treated conservatively and do not require the use of painkillers.

  •  degree is severe, the angle of curvature is 25-50 degrees, in this stage there is a disturbance in the work of the internal organs, treated conservatively, but surgery is possible.
  •   the degree is very heavy, the angle of curvature is more than 50 degrees, surgery is indicated.   

Diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis clinic "Medpraktyka health ' I" is based on understanding the causes and policies of scoliosis in children and adults. 


   Therapeutic measures aimed at correction:

  • hormonal status;
  • function of the central and autonomic nervous system;
  • muscle tone

 In our clinic "Health Practice" the implementation of these areas occurs in the following ways:

   Laser therapy in combination with electrotherapy is  represented by the INTELECT ® Advanced module (USA). Energy from the laser beam is absorbed by the tissues of the patient, triggers biological processes at the cellular level, which causes increased blood circulation, relieves muscle spasm, restores nerves, promotes bone growth, accelerates muscle recovery and communication. The presence of standard medical protocols in the hardware complex allows you to select and set for the patient the individual parameters of the therapeutic effect of the laser and to determine the optimal areas of the patient's body for the procedure.

    Laser therapy in combination with electrotherapy


  Electrostimulation  In our clinic, electrostimulation is represented by the American physiotherapy system. The physician chooses the optimal electrical stimulation for restoring muscle activity, relaxing muscle spasms, preventing or slowing muscular dystrophy, enhances local blood flow, and preserves and increases the range of muscle movements.


  Massage  plays an important role in the complex treatment of scoliosis. It has the ability to relax and tone muscles (shortened stretches, stretched tones), reduce the curvature arc. Skilled Massage Therapists have a subtle sensation of the place and degree of spasm or relaxation of the muscles under their fingers and skillfully correct them.


  Passive mechanotherapy   Conducted for training the back muscles in combination with medical gymnastics, conducted under the supervision of a doctor. Passive mechanotherapy improves blood supply and ensures normal blood and lymph flow, relieves muscle spasm, and tones up relaxed muscles.

 Passive mechanotherapy

  Therapeutic exercise is   intended for the treatment of all stages of scoliosis, as well as for its prevention. The strengthening of the back muscles forms a strong muscular corset, which stabilizes the spine and prevents its deformation. The complex of therapeutic gymnastics in "Medical Practice" for scoliosis includes various, carefully selected exercises for specific groups of muscles and body parts that help to restore the spine to normal. The set of exercises is prescribed by the doctor, in accordance with the degree of scoliosis, its causes and the general condition of the patient, taking into account the concomitant diseases.

 Therapeutic physical training


  Therapeutic exercise provides:

  • improvement of blood supply and innervation;
  • strengthening the muscular corset;
  • increase in volume of movements;
  • reduction of pain;
  • correction of posture and reduction of the angle of curvature of scoliosis.

Kinesiotherapy - treatment with special adhesive tapes (teeps), not only without restriction of movements in the spine, but on the contrary, with the help of movements.


   In conjunction with other treatments in our clinic, kinesiotherapy allows you to relieve muscle tension in the back, to unload the damaged area of ​​the spine without its rigid fixation.

   Kinesiothepe is attached to the back in accordance with the chosen technique of taping and the degree of scoliosis, which properly relax the desired muscles in the right place, thereby negating the key cause of scoliosis. Kinesiotherapy is conducted by specially trained personnel in the Medical Health Practitioner, who perfectly knows this technique.

  Properly imposed tepe provides:

  • treatment without restrictions of natural movements;
  • reduction of pain;
  • muscle support for a long time;
  • painless exercise of therapeutic gymnastics;
  • relaxation and recovery.


   Also on the basis of our clinic "Medpraktyka health ' I" conducted a survey on plantoskopi foot and scoliosis special orthopedic insoles are made to individual order. 

 examination of the feet on the planoscope


  Our Health Practice Clinic utilizes cutting-edge trends in the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis in children and adults, and our staff constantly attend seminars in Ukraine and Europe to keep up with the times and maintain the high reputation of our clinic.



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