Gymnastic exercises for sick joints

Yoga against arthritis.

In some patients, osteoarthritis causes severe pain in the joints, most often in the knee. Doctors prescribe painkillers, but there are times when yoga has such an effective effect that the pain goes away.

Experts recommend:

  •     Exercise to perform at least four times a week, after a warm shower.
  •     Do not make sudden movements, the exercises must be performed slowly and be sure to stop them if pain occurs.
  •     If you are diagnosed with arthritis, you need to be especially careful. Excessive voltage can damage.
  •     If there is back pain or a hernia, do not do exercise 3.
  •     Listen to your own feelings during the exercise and exclude those movements that cause pain.
  •     Before starting classes, you should definitely consult with a specialist.

A set of physical exercises from yoga that contribute to the treatment of arthritis:

Exercise “resting tree”.

Lie on your back, straighten your legs, arms along the body. Pull the right knee to the chest, if there is pain in the left thigh, then start with the left knee. Make 5 rotational movements of the right foot in one direction, and then in the other. Then slowly describe the 5 circles with the right knee to the right and left, as if you want to draw circles on the ceiling.

As before, bending the right leg, put the foot next to the left knee. Extend your fingers on the left foot as much as possible. Throw your hands behind your head, clasp your elbows with your hands and try to lengthen your body, as it were.

Without lifting the right foot from the left foot, lower the right foot bent at the knee to the floor so as not to feel inconvenience from its excessive stress. In this case, do not tear off the left leg and buttocks from the floor. When you perform this exercise for the first time, you can put a pillow under the right knee.

Inhale deeply 3 times. You can help your right knee with your hands to take a place over your stomach, and then smoothly straighten your leg and put it on the floor. Repeat this exercise with the second leg.

Exercise “rotation of the body”.

Stand facing the chair seat. Bend the right leg at the knee and place it on the seat or on the horizontal bar under the seat so that the thigh is parallel to the floor and the knee is directly above the ankle.

Place the left palm on the outside of the right knee and, without shifting the right leg, turn the body to the right. Place your right hand behind the body, palm open outward, and try to reach it to the left thigh.

Turn your head to the right and look over your right shoulder, trying not to strain your neck too much. Do not bend your back.

Inhale deeply 3 to 10 times. Each time, breathing in the air, try to straighten your back as much as possible and as if to become taller. When exhaling, slightly tilt the body to the right, maintaining balance with the hands.

Slowly return your head to normal position, look straight ahead and lower your arms to the sides. Repeat this exercise, starting it with the left foot.

Exercise "live joints."

Straighten to your full height and put your feet shoulder width apart. Perform this and the following exercises slowly, taking from 3 to 10 deep breaths during each of them. Stretch your arms forward to the height of the shoulders, palms down. Raise your brushes, place your palms in front of you, as if you were signaling someone to stop. The fingers should be apart.

Bend your elbows a little, squeeze your hands into fists. Open your palms and touch with your thumb one by one all the others so that they form the letter “O”, as shown in the figure.

Extend your arms to the sides, as if you would like to push the walls apart. The fingers are pointing down. Make each palm 15 small circles in one direction, and then in the other.

Clasp your fingers into the lock, stretch out your hands in front of you and describe them 15 circles clockwise and the same against.

Lower your arms and turn your head so that you look over your right shoulder. Repeat this movement by looking over your left shoulder. Now look right in front of you and try to touch the right shoulder to the right shoulder, and then the left to the left. Lower the chin to the chest, and then return it to its normal position.

Put your hands on your hips and bend your knees slightly. Imagine that you are standing inside an almost empty jar of jam and trying to rotate your hips and buttocks to collect the remaining jam from the walls of the jar. Perform rotations 5 times in each direction.

This is followed by walking in place for 30 seconds. After you need to stand at your fingertips for 5 seconds and slowly lower your feet to the floor.

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Gymnastic exercises for sick joints

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