Treatment of varicose disease and trophic ulcers by helocast


A modern method of treating trophic ulcer of the leg and chronic venous insufficiency without surgery. The clinic "Medical practice of health" has been widely using this method for many years.

A soft dressing made from natural materials is uniformly coated with substances that promote healing and provide the necessary compression for healing an ulcer.

Gelocast is applied by specially trained medical personnel to the treated area of ​​the lower leg with a problem area. The period for which the dressing is applied is determined by the doctor and depends on the state of the wound, the degree of chronic venous insufficiency, the severity of lymphostasis and related diseases.

Gelocast compression dressing provides optimal temperature, humidity and pressure, creating favorable conditions for wound healing. The dressing consists of the coating itself, which is applied to the wound, a gauze and then an elastic bandage is applied on top of it. Gelocast promotes ulcer healing without surgery and is one of the best methods for treating trophic ulcers.

If the ulcer is not treated, infection of the wound and loss of the limb are possible.

Contraindications to applying the Gelocast dressing are arterial insufficiency of the lower extremities, and severe diabetic vascular changes in the lower extremities.

What is needed for treatment:

  •     Preliminary consultation of the clinic doctor;
  •     Ultrasound of the vessels of the limbs, (if not, can be done with us);
  •     Spacious shoes (wide toe, clasps to adjust the width);
  •     The dressing is applied at the clinic by specially trained personnel;
  •     A follow-up visit to the clinic at the time prescribed by the doctor.

With the Gelocast dressing, the patient is at home as usual.


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