When gout becomes chronic, relieving the exacerbation can be very difficult. Chronic form increases the risk for blood vessels, heart and kidneys. Therefore, it is very important to establish a diagnosis on time and then properly treat and prevent the occurrence of exacerbations of gout. “Klinika Zdorovya” has vast experience in the treatment of acute and chronic forms of gout and demonstrates a systematical approach to the treatment of this complicated disease.     


  Gout is a systemic disease that develops due to inflammation in places of deposition of crystals of sodium monorate in groups of people with a high levels of uric acid, due to environmental factors and genetic factors.

  Gout is one of the components of the metabolic syndrome, which in addition to elevated uric acid levels includes abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, impaired cholesterol metabolism and arterial hypertension. Also, in these patients the "density" of the arterial wall is increased, which leads to the progression of atherosclerosis and its complications, such as myocardial infarction, stroke. Gout is also dangerous for the occurrence of chronic renal failure.

  Treatment of gout in the clinic "Health Practice" is versatile. This means that we treat not only joints, but also bring back to normal:

  - arterial pressure;

  - blood sugar;

  - body weight;

  - the state of the cardiovascular system;

  - kidney function.

   The main therapeutic measures are:

 - diet No. 6 with the exception of purine-containing products, purines in the process of decay turn into crystals of uric acid;

 - taking medications in combination with physiotherapy, which inhibit the synthesis or enhance the excretion of uric acid and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

  Cold therapy

 The basis of this method is the influence of cold factors, which cause a decrease in the temperature of biological tissues not lower than the cryostability limit (5-10 degrees) and do not cause destruction. Under the influence locally applied cold, significant spasm of blood vessels occurs, blood viscosity increases, the metabolic rate and tissue oxygen demand are shortened. A decrease in the excitability of pain and tactile receptors under the influence of cold leads to severe local analgesia and anesthesia. Hypothermia contributes to the inhibition of the activity of the inflammatory process while stimulating tissue regeneration and increasing the overall stability of the body. Cold reduces tissue damage, slows down the absorption of toxic products 

gout treatment


 This method is based on the passage of electric current through human tissues. For the treatment of gouty arthritis, there is a protocol in which currents are used that reduce inflammation, joint pain, reduce the manifestations of acute and chronic edema, and cope with inflammation better than medications without their side effects. 


  We at our clinic make extensive use of Acupuncture in the treatment of gout. We use its options, such as acupuncture and microwave therapy. Microwave therapy affects the body through electromagnetic waves, which act on biologically active points and have several key effects. Acupuncture has a mechanical effect on biologically active points. The result of acupuncture is:

- increased excretion of uric acid from the body;

- joints inflammantion reduction;

- protection of cartilage from destruction;

- restoration of normal metabolism. 

restore normal metabolism



restore normal metabolism

  For patients with gout, we’ll use a weight loss program that includes a specific needle-therapy, exercise therapy, and dietary correction over time.  


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Before starting treatment, a rheumatologist will examine you, conduct a laboratory examination, and make an ultrasound of the joints.


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