Varicose veins treatment


Varicose veins are one of the most common diseases of the peripheral vessels. This disease is manifested by a feeling of heaviness and swelling of the legs, especially at the end of the day. We often do not think that such symptoms can indicate serious circulatory disorders, inflammation and blood clots. Most people consider varicose veins to be only an aesthetic disadvantage, which is treated with heparin ointment and folk remedies, and is in no hurry to see a specialist. Also, not everyone knows that this disease is caused by irreversible changes in the vascular wall and its valves.

The disease is usually hereditary, and progresses over time. Against the background of the progression of varicose veins, trophic changes in the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue develop in the lower third of the leg, until the appearance of trophic ulcers.

At the beginning of the disease, varicose veins appear only in the area of the affected valves. Further, the vein expands more and more and the discharge of blood into other veins begins. Thus, the circulation of blood in the lower extremities is disrupted. With the progression of varicose veins, stagnation of blood occurs in the veins, and then in the soft tissues, which leads to the appearance of edema, darkening of the skin and the appearance of trophic ulcers.

Nowadays, there is a tendency to increase the number of patients with chronic venous insufficiency, as well as an increase in the incidence rate among young people. Chronic venous insufficiency reduces the quality of life of patients, starting with cosmetic problems in the early stages, and ending with a severe violation of the general condition with the development of complications. The development of the disease is promoted by low physical activity, excessive enthusiasm for power physical exercises, smoking, alcohol intake, unbalanced nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

At risk for the development of varicose veins are those people who have sedentary work, or vice versa, those people who have to stand for a long time: surgeons, masseurs, hairdressers, cooks. In these cases, a very important mechanism – of the muscular-venous pump is turned off in the body, which leads to the appearance of venous stagnation and can provoke the occurrence of varicose veins. In women, varicose veins often progresses after pregnancy and childbirth.

It is never too late to start treatment for chronic venous insufficiency, but the probability of success will be higher if you seek help at an early stage of the disease. Unfortunately, a full recovery is not possible. The patient must realize that the disease does not worsen, it is necessary to change his way of life – working conditions, rest, nutrition. Swimming has an excellent healing effect, it unloads the lower limbs, improves venous outflow. Such patients benefit from walking, cycling, only in compression hosiery tights – knee-highs, stockings are sold in pharmacies. But downhill skiing, a sauna, strength exercises are not recommended, since this enhances the manifestations of the disease. The nutrition of patients with chronic venous insufficiency should be balanced, complete, with limited salt and spices and with a high content of vitamin C and rutin.

Scientific and technological progress has led to a revolution in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. In the conditions of the medical center «Medical practice of health», we offer a number of therapeutic and preventive measures in the fight against varicose veins.

The first is microwave resonance therapy. Short-wavelengths of 7 mm affect the biologically active points of the human body. This accelerates biochemical reactions and enhances the enzymatic activity of cells and tissues that form the vascular wall. Strengthens intermolecular bonds in tissues.

Researchers have suggested that millimeter wave waves carry the most important information for our health. To influence the human body at this level, you should «communicate» with him using these electromagnetic waves. Individually selected regimens of microwave therapy have shown exceptional effectiveness, both prevention and treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and its complications.

Quantum therapy – method in which the influence on biologically active points occurs using laser radiation of the red and infrared ranges, which are supplemented by an electromagnetic field. This method is safe and eliminates side effects such as burns and infectious complications. Also, the method is devoid of a negative effect on the body, which drugs have. The result of treatment is noticeable after 5-7 days.

The feedback of the doctor with the patient during and after the course of treatment is important in the work of our treatment center. And you should remember that you need to start prevention when there are no symptoms of the disease, but you know about your genetic tendency. And treatment should be started at the first manifestations of the disease.

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